SUMMARY:  The Senior R&D Engineer will play an important technical leadership role in the development of the next generation of ultra-sensitive, field-deployable, real-time molecular analyzers with parts-per-billion sensitivity and based on an all-optical technique called Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy (CRDS).  We’re seeking an individual who is comfortable and excited about working in a start-up environment, specifically with regard to working across traditional job boundaries.
The following reflects management’s definition of essential functions for this job but does not restrict the tasks that may be assigned.  Management may assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons.
·         Lead the development of new ultra-trace (parts-per-billion and parts-per-trillion level) and stable isotope technologies and applications, with the ultimate goal being to transfer these new applications from the laboratory to the marketplace.
·         Will play a pivotal roll in the following activities:
·         Investigation and down-selection of methods and technologies that can best achieve the desired product performance, with an eye toward robustness and customer ease-of-use
·         Design and execution of an experimental program to demonstrate the performance of the proposed design
·         Leadership of the design, configuration, and operation of the first devices to demonstrate and validate the capability of the design, including performance against target specifications, robustness, and manufacturability (cost and yield).
·         Working with customers and scientific leaders to tailor the product to provide a fully integrated solution for the end-user.
·         Transfer of relevant design documents, validation reports, and test protocols to the engineering and manufacturing team for integration into the production line.
·         Ph.D. in engineering or physical science.
·         Experimental experience, including computational analysis skills is a must.
·         >5 years laboratory experience in physics, analytical chemistry, or related field, including optics and lasers, is a must
·         Computational analysis experience, including fluency in a software programming language such as Python, LabVIEW, C, Visual Basic, or Matlab, and/or a graphical analysis package such as Origin, is required.
·         Must have demonstrated the ability to drive a technical program to successful completion.
·         Understanding of gas and gas-surface chemistry and experience in gas handling techniques and equipment are preferred.
·         Experience in spectroscopy is desirable.
·         Strong communications skills are essential, both written and oral.
Must possess the ability to work across functional boundaries and organizational levels inside the company.

Salary will be commensurate with education and experience.
Please send your resume to


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