BASIN 2007 Pre-AGU Meeting

Sunday, December 9th from 9:00-12:00 

University of California, Berkeley, Valley Life Sciences Building, Room 2063, Berkeley, California 94720 USA

This year's Pre-AGU meeting will be a discussion on the state of optical isotopic measurements in BASIN. The focus is on the science of the technology and is intended for those who are currently using or intending to use optical systems for measuring stable isotopes in CO2, water vapor and liquid water (e.g., TDL, FTIR, cavity ring down, quantum cascade, etc.). Discussions will address How have these instruments been used?, What are typical results?, What has worked? and What has not?, What needs to be done better?, What do optical measurements buy us that campaign-based/flask measurements do not? The goal of the meeting is to foster discussion among BASIN members who have been making these types of measurements to share what they are learning and what issues they see are in need of resolution. These discussions will not only help in the development of an online resource of information on the science and technology of the instruments and their applications — see Optical Sensors — they will also help identify a number of issues to address in a future BASIN-sponsored multi-day workshop in 2008 focusing on the theory, performance and technical aspects of the various optical instruments.


  1. Canopy profile and atmospheric measurements using FTIR David Griffith
  2. Canopy profile and atmospheric measurements using TDL Dave Bowling
  3. Ecosystem flux measurements using TDL Tim Griffis and Xuhui Lee
  4. Ecosystem flux measurements using FTIR George Mount
  5. Leaf and soil chamber measurements using TDL and FTIR Margaret Barbour and Nate McDowell
  6. Liquid water measurements using ICOS Carol Kendall
  7. The modeler's perspective David Noone, Bill Riley and Matthias Cuntz 


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