BASIN Documents
  • BASIN-I NSF Proposal pdf
  • BASIN-II NSF Proposal pdf
  • BASIN and NEON: On developing a plan for an isotope network within NEON pdf
Books & Book Chapters
  • Isoscapes: Understanding movement, pattern, and process on Earth through isotope mapping. 2010. West, J.B.; Bowen, G.J.; Dawson, T.E.; Tu, K.P. (Eds.) website

  • Stable Isotopes as Indicators  of Ecological Change. 2007. Dawson, T.E. and Seigwolf, R.T.W. (Eds.) website

  • Flanagan LB, Ehleringer JR, Pataki DE, Eds. 2005. Stable Isotopes and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Processes and Biological Controls. Elsevier Press, San Diego, USA. website

Journal Articles
Conference Presentations

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