Two new PhD student positions are available for studies of ecosystem-atmosphere water and carbon exchange in U.S. western ecosystems.

Position 1:Research supported by a NSF project "An improved understanding of water isotope fractionation in atmospheric vapor and its source" in the Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility. This project aims to measure in-situ, high quality, and uninterrupted water isotope ratios (2H and 18O) in atmospheric water vapor by optical spectroscopy instrument in a coastal, old-growth forest. These measurements provide a 'water' aspect of an integrated land-atmosphere water-carbon research program.

Position 2:Research supported by a DOE project "Improving representation of drought stress and fire emissions in climate carbon models: measurements and modeling with a focus on the western USA". This project aims to collect carbon data including concentrations and isotope ratios of CO2 (13C and 14C) and CH4 from ecosystems located in a forest-urban gradient (Wind River Experimental Forest, Salt Lake Valley and southern California) by a collaborative effort with
researchers at the University of Utah and UC-Irvine. Using these measurements we will develop models to improve our understanding of the role of drought and fire impacts on the terrestrial carbon cycle in the western US.

The ecology program at SDSU offers a joint PhD program in Ecology with University of California, Davis in a collaborative research environment. If accepted, salary and benefits will be provided for 5 years.

Application deadline is December 15.

To apply, please contact Dr. Chun-Ta Lai ( with a copy of your CV and a brief statement about your goals and research interests.


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